Steve Way back When

Starting out as a Garage and Old School MC way back in the 90s/00s

Led him to start his own events WayBackWhen with some of the biggest names in the game to play including all the above and DJs such as Luck & Neat, DJ Pioneer, DJ Cartier, Slipmatt, Billy Bunter, Kenny Ken to name a few. This lead Steve to be known as way back when.

A family man born and bred in the east end of London (now based in Essex) is a loving family man. A fun fact about Steve is during the 1st lockdown he set up DJ equipment outside my house and played a 2-hour DJ set for my whole estate and had the place rocking. Steve said, “it was 1 of my proudest moments as I had everyone telling me how I lifted their spirits and brought a community together. Everyone now knows me on my estate’ Steve is a multi genre DJ. Starting out at house parties for some mates then at a student night for a University in Stratford back in 93-94 as a young teen. As the years have gone by Steve has played on various underground radio stations and various events. He Djs weekly at Luna lounge and the rising sun in Hornchurch pre lockdown and at a lot of major events and festivals such as Sunborn festival, House Is A Feeling, Epidemik and Culture shock at Berwick manor. With his biggest booking to date the main stage at Proper Fest in 2021.

His weekly show will include House, Garage, DnB, Jungle and Old School

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