Mixmaster Max

Max got his first pair of turntables of belt drive sharp decks and the other was a pioneer direct drive, which didn’t have any weights on the tone arm. So he used a small bottle of vitamin tablets and electrical tape to balance the arm. In 1984 max thing was breakdancing. Back street warriors was part of his crew in north London. In 1987 he started playing a mix of genres such as Electro, hip-hop, Soul, and Reggae, then onto Acid House.

1in 1991 he got into the hardcore and drum&Bass/Jungle

he skills use to mix up reggae with them fat beats.

Played on underground radio from 1990 weekend rush, defection, touchdown don
Max is lover of the scratch and loves to try and mix things you shouldn’t
He has performed at notting hill carnival on stage with wee papa girl rappers,

The pirate club at roller express, fantasia, the dungeons, bass box Camden palace rocket club and hacienda.
Max outside djing is a nunchukas expert. And idolised Bruce Lee.

Max is a turntabilist and was probably the first DJ to play a turntable upside down. Search dmc dj online championships round 1 to view

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