Mark Hayward and Morgan Elliott The M&M show

Morgan Elliot 

First learnt to mix in the late 90’s by practicing on a friends set up, as soon as he had mastered the art he went out and bought himself a mixer and a set of Technics 1210’s. From that point onwards he spent all his spare time practicing in his bedroom and every weekend visiting record stores looking for his favourite Old Skool House tunes from 88 – 92 and the  Funky House tracks that were ripping up the dance floors at the time.

It did not take long for his record collection to grow to such a size that when the opportunity came up to host a radio show on underground radio station London Underground.  He grabbed it with both hands. He went on to host shows on Unknown before finally moving to host a weekly show on Passion..

During this time Morgan was promoting the odd club night himself and playing for promoters at venues all over London including Camden Palace (KOKO), Club Rouge, Legends, The Scala, Club Colosseum, Turnmills and many more.
In late 2001 he joined up with his brother and two friends to set up his own promotion called HAPPY DAYS which hosted regular nights at a great little venue called The Sound Stage, sandwiched between The Cross Club and The Key and underneath Bagleys Warehouse.

They were happy days indeed and people who were there still talk about how special they were and beg the boys to do another one for old time’s sake. They came to an end when the Kings Cross development meant all the venues at the site were shut down and what was a mecca for London’s clubbers in those days,

Times moved on and due to work and other commitments (getting old!) Morgan has been away from the scene for some time, and it wasn’t until the lockdown that Morgan had the time on his hands to rediscover his love for good House music and the joy of playing for an appreciative audience once again.

Hosting a weekly show on Facebook Live all throughout lockdown had got his mojo back and when the opportunity arose to be a part of UNITY DAB he didn’t hesitate to say yes!

Mark Hayward

Genre – Old Skool, Vocal and Tech House

Mark has been involved in the house music scene since 1989, He bought turntables after using his friend’s turntables in 1990 and began collecting music from then.  He started out playing acid house and Chicago house as well as producing mixes.

He started playing at friend’s parties and held residency at ‘Not Forgotten’ at EC1 Club, Ministry of Sound and he also ran various club nights across London.

Most recently Mark has been involved with Upper Vibe – a day party event which has an emphasis on disco and vocal house anthems.   He has been a resident at recent parties.  He recently featured on one of their podcasts with upcoming radio producer Cal Macarthy.  He is due to play at The Dolly Rockers Ball events as well as other opportunities arising throughout Europe.

Mark has been playing many live streams during lockdown and on KHZ Radio and he is now joining the Unity DAB radio family.  He plays vinyl, CDJs and digital.

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