Marcus Dryden

Marcus Dryden’s journey to becoming a respected DJ in the music industry all began at a Music Weekender in Corfu in 2016 where he made an instant impression with his warm charismatic personality with both DJs & Promoters.

His love of music led him to many events where his friends were DJing, and he started thinking then about wanting to play and share his music.

In 2018 Marcus decided to teach himself the art of mixing two tracks & bought his first controller. Immediately his passion and talented ear began to show in his mixes and podcasts.

His mixes on Mixcloud steadily worked their way up the charts; with every post listeners and followers grew with some really positive comments about his music and mixes from other respected DJs.

Early in 2019 Marcus took a step forward and secured his first Club Night booking, which then led to several festival bookings in the summer and international bookings in Ibiza & Corfu. Marcus ended the year on a high becoming a Resident WeAreHousework DJ.

2020 brought a new decade and with it the chance for Marcus to work with new & established DJs & Promoters … with bookings confirmed for Culture Shock, House Angels, Catch A Feeling, Resonate, Shhh & Bubblegum. Covid 19 however put things in the music industry on hold untill 2021.

Marcus Dryden has a unique & funky vibe that will always comes through in both his mixing and track selection. His energy and passion for music always comes across at a party or event. He is both humble and grateful for the opportunity to share his music.

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