Lukey P & Franky Mac

Frankie Mac 

1996 was the first time Frankie tried his hand at mixing. An older friend (DJ Pace) had a set of 1210s and jumped on to mix some oldskool Jungle.. Not a clue what to do but naturally started counting bars & holding the mix. His friend said he was pretty good considering he had never done it before, that was Frankie first encounter with DJing.

In 1997 brought the first set of Soundlab decks, absolutely battered belt driven turntables, but I guess they made him a better DJ as if you can mix on Soundlabs you could probably mix on anything! In 98 he brought some brand new Technics 1200s and really started to love the buzz mixing & buying records mostly from our local store Freedom Records.

During that time Frankie was raving a lot and was inspired by the likes of DJ EZ. He showed the power of the DJ and the way he made us all feel through music was something Frankie wanted to be able to do.
My first gig was in a Club called Peppers in Watford, Frankie was nervous as hell and done the ultimate DJ sin of dropping a tune then lifting the needle playing!! Arrgghhh. But it made me resilient and taught me if you smash the next mix all will be forgiven:)

Into the 00s/10s, and while doing various sets on underground stations (Mac , Vibe, Flex, Lush) my love for 90s Garage was surpassed by House Music. Frankie loves ALL sub genres of House that can be heard in his sets, though very selective in their acquisition of music and rarely buy a record he wouldn’t want to hear on the dance floor himself. Aswell as local gigs (Old Westminster, Aura, Beaver, Area etc) he was fortunate to play at the likes of Glass House (Blackfriars), Inidgo Bar & Gigalum (Clapham) to name a few. But things have progressed in the last few years since he linked up with hisDJ partner Lukey P. Together have hosted some awesome Parties under our promo tags Cut 2 Shape & Love 4 Garage at their resident venues Red Lion, Southern Cross & The Horns, playing alongside some heavyweights inc RatPack, Slipmatt, Philgood & Ram, MCs Creed, Wicked, Vapour, DT & much more. And as a result have been blessed to play at a few House Is A Feeling/One Love Parties and are part of the Proper Fest team for May 2021. Both are excited for the future, and to be a part of this Unity Family adventure has made 2020 a bit sweeter. Peace & Love to all.

Lukey P

Lukey P has been mixing music now for some 28 years.

Lukey has played on underground Radio in the past also venues such as Legends, Club 10 and the exclusive “Emporium” & events such as UKG Fest, Sundance, House is a Feeling and was booked to play for Ratpack at the After Party for their 25th Anniversary Shin Dig.

Lukey plays a variety of styles these include:

88-96 House & Oldskool Hardcore / UK and US Garage 1993-Present / Deep, Funky Tech House / Jungle & Drum n Bass
Currently playing alongside Franky Mac after coming together around 2014 and have had events/bookings most weekends since.

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