Joe more fire Presents “The more fire show”

JOE MORE FIRE or also none as the DISCO KING, was born and raised in East London and has a history of DJing, Engineering & Managing radio, in the Underground Dance Music Scene.

From 1993 to 2015 he was DJing in the underground dance music Scene and managing radio stations including Vision, Shine.

Joe also runs he’s own successful club nights around London, Return to the Old Skool & Beautiful People, and co promoted, Club Nights,  Sugar Rush & Glamour Puss.

Joe will present  a weekly radio show on Unity DAB.

Joe has played all over London, Essex & the UK at all major venues such as, Fabric, Fire & Lightbox, Club Coliseum, Club 338, Ministry Of Sound, Brixton Fridge and the 02 Arena and lots more.

Influences: Reggae, R&B Disco, Funk Soul Boogie, Motown, Faithless, Diana Ross, Bob Marley, Norman jay, De La Soul, DJ EZ, , Tuff Jam, Gliiterbox, Defected, Nat Lee, Charlie sloth, Huckleberry finn, Philgood & Ram,
Music style: Garage, House, Disco House, Latin house, Afro House, Chicago House, Club Classics, Disco, R&B, Hip Hop, 80s 90s soul & r&b, hiphop

We believe Joe will bring a much needed lift to your Sunday lunchtime. Did someone say more fireeee!!

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