Jason Williams

Jason Williams is a UK Garage veteran, who use to play back in the days when Underground radio was a big thing. His first break was a regular set every Saturday 10 – 12 on MAC FM, if you didn’t know Mac also ran ICE FM which was part of the brand behind, Underground Explosion and Exposure with club nights at Club Colosseum in Vauxhall.

Having spent a good two years with the crew there he then decided to move onto a new station Divine FM 88.6 and playing regularly at the famous Bagleys in Kings Cross (One Love) the good old days.

After a few years there he then went into promoting nightclubs in his local area Camden town and then onto London’s West End with his nightclubbing.com brand. He was providing guest list services to over 30 clubs and had his own night every Friday at 10 Rooms just of the back in Piccadilly Circus and down the road from the old China Whites, by that time House music had really taken over and his passion and love grew for the music genre.

17 years later, 2 kids and a wife his making a comeback and was able to kindle his old relationship with PhilGood and is also one of the guys running Proper Festival in May 2021, playing you the very best in all things house music, funky, deep and a bit of tech House and a few UKG set chucked in for good measure.

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