Jason Kaye

Jason Kaye is a professional in every sense of the word and has been aptly dubbed ‘The Master’ of the Underground UK Garage scene as well as achieving the ‘DJ of the Year’ title for 1997, Hot Tickets/Evening Standard.

DJing successfully for over 20 years now, he has led the pack in the most Influential music genres of the past two decades including Acid House, Hardcore, Jungle and UK Garage.

Teaming up with his MC partner the legendary Top Buzz was soon conceived. They went on to establish themselves as major players on the early rave scene and the world’s number one DJs as well as pioneers and innovators of the newer drum ‘n’ bass sound that was soon to be introduced.

Being at the forefront of the early 90’s rave scene, there wasn’t a rave or club that Top Buzz didn’t play at one time or another and the word soon spread overseas which led to the boys travelling to Australia, Canada, America and various European venues. With this realm of experience, producing a record was a natural progression for Jason and he went on to do so with great success.

“Living In Darkness” was conceived in 1992 and went on to top the dance charts for several weeks resulting in it becoming the biggest selling underground dance track for that year. The track was also licensed to major compilations including releases from Radio 1.

Jason’s already high reputation escalated and the offers came pouring in resulting in a production of The Prodigy & Weather Experience (part of their Fire EP), which achieved a top 10 national chart position in 1993.
Jason’s love of the Underground House & Garage scene has been in his blood since the early days and his 30,000 strong (at last count!) record collection features a host of sought after classics.

His record label Social Circles;, partnered with producer Steve Gurley and Russell Tait which has left an indelible mark on the UK Garage scene. Social Circles produced a constant catalogue of quality tune.

Often hailed as one of the most technically advanced mixers, Jason still manages to fit in being a DJ in his busy lifestyle He plays at a variety of major UK promotions including Garage Nation, which he and rave promoter turned actor Terry Stone created, along with Rave Nation and One Nation.

As “Jason Kaye”, Jason has again played all over the world including Miami, Dubai, New York as well as
Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Ibiza and Spain.

His popularity and talents have been rewarded as he claimed a 1999/2000 Dance Recognition Award
The most successful act in the UK between the years 1995 and 2005 were Oasis. Who would they ask to play at their private after-gig parties whenever they were in town? Jason Kaye himself! The infamous Drum Bass maestro Roni Size has quoted him as his main musical influence and Goldie has also noted his respect for him on his notorious ;Timeless album.

Serge Pizzorno lead singer of the hugely successful, British band KASABIAN recently cited TOP BUZZ as being a major influence on his musical career:

Jason even elevated his profile to the realms of royalty when Prince William confirmed his love of UK Garage and quoted Jason Kaye as being one of his favourite DJ’s in a tabloid interview for The Sun newspaper for Prince Williams 18 th Birthday!!!

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