Dj Trix

Being born and raised in sleepy Hastings on the south coast (UK), by the mid nineties the town had become a hot spot for the sounds of Hardcore, Jungle & Drum n Bass. After being given some Hardcore tapes in 1992 by a friend at school, his obsession with Rave andHardcore begun. Towards the end of 1993 and with the help of some saved up pocket money, his first JB Systems turntables were purchased and so began a lifetime fascination
and obsession with all thing’s breakbeat. It was only a matter of months until he managed to purchase a set of Technics 1210’s and what a great invest that was.

Self-taught, DJ Trix was a natural, his selection finely tuned and on the perfect wavelength to tear up countless dancefloors over the years at legendary events such as Innovation, Moondance, Raindance, Heat, Jungle Fever, AWOL, Pure Science, Legends Of The Dark Black, One Nation, Fantazia, Obsession, Rave Utopia, Sterns, Son Of Dance, Back to 93 and Epidemik to name a few. He also played on radio stations including Eruption Fm and Origin Fm and at iconic venues such as The Astoria, The Ministry of Sound, Camden Palace, Alexandra
Palace, Hastings Pier, Scala, The Coronet and The Seone club.

Drawing influences from life changing moments at events such as World Dance, Elevation and Jungle Fever and by DJs such as Randall, Andy C, LTJ Bukem, Kenny Ken, Micky Finn & Slipmatt – Trix’s attention to detail and ability to read a crowd shines through in his sets. The early sound of Jungle with ragga vocals and breakbeats was featured heavily in his early DJsets.

Music styles played: Drum and Bass, Jungle, Old Skool Hardcore, Acid House and Old Skool Garage.

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