Dj Laren

DJ Laren interest in music began in 1995 at the tender age of 13; he graduated from bedroom DJ to earning his own show on pirate radio for Smoove 104.0 FM where he quickly gained a following with a regular weekly 2hour show.
After 2 great years he then landed his feet firmly at the doors of London’s award winning Freek FM where he progressed and his DJ ambitions got taken to a whole new level.

Over the next few years he got to play at some of the countries most iconic venues and various promotions.
He went on to become one half of the duo, D.T.C (Double Trouble Crew) and was propelled into TV stardom with a segment running daily on the infamous Trouble TV where he performed many interviews and shows all over the country.
Following on from this, Laren then went onto DJ for various Underground radio stations and clubs across London and even jetting across the world to make an impromptu appearance over 200 miles away on the sunny island of Cyprus.
Fast forward to the present day, he has now achieved one of his life long ambitions, becoming part of Mainstream radio joining the Unity DAB team where he’s not just loving music.

Danny Cunning DJing is in his DNA. Danny has been DJing for over 20 years and love’s it just as much now as when he started!

He started out DJing in his bedroom and then moved to playing at family & friends parties.
It was then he knew that he could create amazing atmospheres that made people happy. Moving onto DJing in bars & clubs in Camden Town, North West London, from the ages of 17 then all over the UK.

Danny has created a DJ service with the help of the Prince’s Trust, DJing for family functions and private parties. He was very lucky to be mentored by a great lady who taught him the logistics of running a business from the ground up. Soon after he was asked to DJ at an opening for a Skechers the American shoe company, and went on to DJ at their stores all over the UK.

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