DJ Candyman started collecting music in 1983.

Electro 1 was the first album he bought and started mixing around 1985 at his local youth club with a good friend oggi.

Playing electro and getting everyone dancing was the order of the day, throwing in smiley culture, police officer. Just to mash up the place and get everyone rocking, this in turn led to lots of house parties thereafter.

Candyman and best mate Kieth had a 2k rig that they used to set up on a Friday night in his house and get a load of friends, and their friends to come round. It was always rammed.

Big shout out to DJ Kane and DJ Batey.
They used to smash it every time!!
(Those were the days)

DJ Kane and the legendary mixmaster Max were a massive influence on the way candyman likes to mix as they are both on a different level to any DJ that he had ever seen or heard.

Candyman then started deejaying at underground raves like Earthquake, with its booming sound system and wicked crowd.

Massive thanks to mad Al and the very lovely Niki. Who sadly passed away. Rip girl. And much love to you.
Back in the day Candyman and DJ Bluedredd used to do a night at Camden lock.

It was a wicked night.( Touchdown party)

Then in about 1989 Candyman teamed up with DJ Virus and deejayed at a few radio stations and played at some great raves together, One love at bagleys was a regular for us back in the early 2000’s.

Also Hammersmith Palais Trinity at the Chunnel club was also a great night for the pair.(Shout out to jaydee and john Russel)

Candyman has Played all over the place since then at some really great nights like Promised Land and Together As 1 and many many more.

He has also done quite a few years on the radio.

Touchdown, flare, lush, supreme, flex, Devine,Ruud awakening. Rip chillum. (Legend)

And of course origin every Sunday 8-10pm (Shout to Ezm)

Catch the main man of Unity DAB every Sunday at the above time he always used to do but taking things to another level on legal radio with the all new Unity DAB.

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