Brooksie & Dazza B

Dj Brooksie started dj’ing in 1987 after 1st hearing Grandmaster Flash and old skool electro hip hop.

1988 after going to his first ravet rave he fell in love with house music.

Brooksie has a big love for Garage and DnB but House music 1989 the summer of love is his 1st choice.

After playing at most of the big nights in London for almost 30 years he still has a big love for a packed dancefloor.

Resident dj for Back to the Old Skool and Feeling Funky and set to make his debut at Proper Fest next year Brooksie is definitely one DJ to keep an eye out for.

Catch Brooksie playing a selection of Classic House, Old Skool Garage and D&B

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