Blake baker

Blake Baker started his music journey at the age of 10 years old getting his first set of decks and began to build his record collection.

Through the next 6 years he learnt a lot and began to do guest shows on many stations across London. Clubs and bars soon became a passion for him playing at various Garage and Drum and Bass events.

He also hopped back and forth to Ibiza as the night life was a big scene and had a love for House and Trance too so it wasn’t long until his DJ bookings became a full-time job playing many genres.

In 2005 Blake started to produce music and spend much time in recording studios learning many tricks and working with well established artists.

As well as DJing and producing he also ran a record shop in Watford which opened many doors into playing at many other venues and events. By the later 2000s he was a resident DJ at many large clubs across London which he did so till 2016.

A job roll came up in the industry to be an engineer for a few organisations which took him away from djing but was still in the limelight which he loves.

Along came his old Drum and Bass friends A.M.C and Mc Phantom which were on the up in popularity to which Blake became their tour manager to present with being voted No.1 in the UK.

So today as you know now BLAKE BAKER…..AKA OUIJA-MAKER is an all genre playing artist with many friends in all genres of music to keep his ammunition upper the desired listener.

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