About Us

Unity DAB has been 30 years in the making. The team behind the scenes have over 100 years of experience in underground radio.With the development in DAB broadcast we are able to come together in UNITY and bring you a brand new DAB and online radio station to your airwaves 7 days a week 24 hrs a day.Unity DAB will have some of the most influential DJs and record labels in electronic music today, as well as championing new talent, covering the spectrum of dance music, old and new.

Unity DAB believes that music is the answer and bridges all divides in our community from race, religion and sexiality. The power of good music isn’t to be underestimated and good music is what Unity DAB is all about with the perfect blend of top and up and coming radio personalities presenting our amazing music with 100% positive vibes and love for what they do. Unity DAB also has a diverse team and we belive if you are good enough you should be given your chance to broadcast to London and the world regardless of sex, colour, religon etc.